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Staying in balance is so important

Staying in balance and why it’s so important Balancing your energy system can seriously improve your health! When our energetic systems are out of balance then our body finds it much harder to operate. Little niggles like digestive issues, aches & pains, no energy or enthusiasm…the list goes on… and then we say things like “Well, I’m getting older so that’s bound to happen!” Not so. All these things can be your body’s way of telling you that you need to address the balance. When we get back in balance life can feel very different. The body is an amazing piece of kit, and given the right...

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What do I mean by stress?

What do I mean by stress? Stress of course consists of everyday worries that may include job stress, financial issues, relationship problems, having enough time etc., which of course play their part under the heading ‘stress’. When we refer to the word ‘stress’ in Health Kinesiology terms, we actually mean anything which disturbs the body’s ‘natural balance’. So this of course will include the regular day to day stuff but also the following: Environmental stress such as foods, pollens, EMF – electromagnetic stress from phones, computers, power lines, WiFi, x-rays, microwave ovens, televisions...

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What are Energy Blocks?

What are Energy Blocks? When something is weighing you down emotionally, mentally or physically, it is a sign that your energy flow is out of balance. These accumulated imbalanced energies caused through various unprocessed stress/thought patterns/old conditioning are what we call ‘Energy blocks’. These ‘Energy blocks’ cannot always release themselves naturally. Hence one of the reasons I do this work and I regularly have this work done on myself! -Health Kinesiology. It’s like emptying the laundry basket, we don’t just leave all our washing there to fester - we empty it out and start again....

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The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point We all have an assemblage point, which is the epicentre of the human energy field. It is where a cluster of energy lines in our energy field come together at one exact point; the centre of the chest (slightly higher in women and slightly lower in men). The position of the assemblage point influences the state of all other energy systems and has a huge impact on us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Infrared digital thermometers and infrared image scanners show that the Assemblage Point has a temperature 0.2 of a degree lower than the surrounding skin. Physicist...

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The Body’s Energy Systems & Our Energy Body

The Body’s Energy Systems & Our Energy Body Meridians Our body’s Chi runs through the body’s meridians. I like to call these the body’s energy highway or energy pathways that transport energy to all the different parts of the body. In the same way that blood vessels transport blood around the body, a meridian carries energy. There are 14 main meridians that carry energy throughout the body and various points along these meridians called acupuncture points which can release or redirect energy within the body. These are the spots that an acupuncturist may use needles to redistribute...

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